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Barbara takes us back to where it all began, her early roots in fashion, her spiritual life journey, sage entrepreneurial wisdom and lessons, listening for the good invitations in life, how she is turning her talent to cultivate and grow emerging, high quality companies in plant based beauty and wellness, her new installment at 10 Corso Como and how The Plant Lore Agency is becoming the trusted voice amongst buyers and retailers in the busy lane of CBD and Plant Wellness.
— Marni on the Move

After more than three decades in the fashion industry, most notably as the cofounder of the Designers & Agents trade show, Barbara Kramer is pivoting to cannabis.
— Women's Wear Daily

Barbara Kramer, the founder of The Plant Lore, an agency of organic beauty and wellness brands specializing in CBD-from-hemp, and Plant Alchemy, says women are some of the main consumers when it comes to this new frontier. “They understand CBD and get that it’s not just a trend, and it’s not a ploy to sell products,” she says. “There are women who want to do good for themselves. They know it’s the next big thing.